New York-based Gabrielle Aronas, aesthete and admirer of all things precious and beautiful. Gabrielle has been drawn to the natural beauty of plants and flowers since her childhood in Europe and has vibrant memories of summers when fields of yellow, blue and red wildflowers begged to be picked and turned into bouquets for family and friends.

All these years later, after spending several years in the New York art world as a marketing specialist, Gabrielle is following her passion, creating her own works of art with flowers. Specializing in event and wedding decor, Gabrielle has a distinct talent for juxtaposing the exotic with the simple, vibrant colors with demure neutrals, and interesting textures with surprising shapes. The results speak for themselves — elegant, unexpected bouquets that seamlessly marry Gabrielle’s exquisite taste with her clients’ individual needs and style.

You are invited to explore the slideshow of Gabrielle’s recent projects, each of which take advantage of the season’s most irresistible offerings.

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